Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lee A. Buck -- R.I.P.

I learned this afternoon of the death of Lee Buck, one of the most committed of lay evangelists I have ever met.

Lee was a larger than life personality with a deep and abiding commitment to Jesus Christ. There was nothing he loved more than introducing people to the Savior, and he was prepared to travel around the world proclaiming Christ -- very often at his own expense. He loved to tell you how many he had shared Christ with.

Working his way up from the bottom following service in the Navy in World War Two, Lee became one of the leaders in the insurance industry. When his name was in line to become the President of the huge company for which he had worked for so many years, he side-stepped that opportunity in order to take early retirement and stretch his wings as an evangelist.

Audrey, Lee's wonderful wife, was his confidante, prayer partner, and closest advisor. There was always warmth and great hospitality to all-comers at the Buck home, and while Lee was the expansive host, Audrey was the one who did a tremendous amount to make it happen.

As far as I am concerned, Lee was one of those people who I loved passionately and by whom I was exasperated -- sometimes all at the same time! I will certainly miss him, he was a man whose transparent commitment to Jesus Christ shone in all that he set out to do.

Lee passed away today at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta. We give thanks to the Lord for his life, and that he is now with the Lord who he served so faithfully for so long. He will be sorely missed by the church and by his family alike.

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